Engineering to Meet Your Carbon Reduction/Elimination Targets

Advanced building energy solutions: Net Zero Energy and Carbon Building Engineering.

At R. Mancini & Associates Ltd., we strive to achieve the highest building energy performance by thorough analysis, innovation and resource efficiency. Our buildings are simply the most energy efficient.

With over 30 years of experience in the design of complete GeoExchange HVAC systems for commercial, institutional and MURB buildings, we are one of North America’s most experienced GeoExchange engineering firms and a leader in GHG reduction technologies.

R. Mancini and Associates Ltd. (RMA) is dedicated to the engineering of integrated building energy systems to minimize our client’s carbon footprint and achieve the highest level of building energy performance with a reasonable return on investment.

Canada is our home, however, our project inventory spans the globe.

We take pride in our creative solutions to complex problems, our long list of firsts in the GeoExchange industry, and our contribution to the development of industry standards.


Our GeoExchange heat pump building projects (internationally) are have reduced our carbon footprint by over 130,000 tons of CO2, since 1985.

This is the equivalent of taking 28,000 cars off the road annually or planting 154,000 acres of forest.


We are:

Inspired by Mother Nature

Steered by Science

Informed by data

Committed to GHG Reduction

Dedicated to reducing our impact on the natural environment

Natural Energy Sources

Our natural energy sources:

Earth (geoexchange)

Sun (photovoltaics + thermal collectors)

Water (Aquifer thermal and green power)

Wind (green power)

Journey to Net Zero

Our journey to Net Zero Energy building performance / Net Zero Carbon engineering began in 1985.


Many of our geoexchange commercial institutional and MURB buildings as far back as 1985 use ZERO fossil fuels.